Our purpose is to help students develop key 21st Century Skills and master popular application software. Rather than present and teach computer concepts in isolation, the Kto8 lessons teach computer skills and apply them to core reading, writing, and math objectives. As a result, students gain meaningful reinforcement of key academic concepts while progressing toward technology literacy.


Real Software / 21st Century Skills

Software Applications

Students learn by working through Kto8 lessons, developing practical, transferable computer skills using popular software programs. The Kto8 lessons use one or more of the following applications:

  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • Front Page
  • Kid Pix
  • Kidspiration

New computer skills are taught, explained, and demonstrated using lesson specific ShowHow™ Visual Instructions.

ShowHow™ Visual Instructions

These interactive flash movies show students how to accomplish the specific computer skills being presented in the lesson. Each ShowHow™ has an audio track explaining what the student is seeing. Students can stop, start, move forward, backward, or replay the ShowHows™.

Depending on what computer the students are using (PCs or Macs), and what version of application is installed they will select from Office XP/2000/2003, Office 2007 (Vista), or Office 2008 (Mac) versions of the ShowHows™.