The implementation process for K to the 8th Power is easy and we do most of the work for you. We will upload your student and teacher information and create your school’s Kto8 database. All you do is provide the information to us in spreadsheet format. In addition we will conduct web training sessions for your key teachers and administrators.



The K to the 8th Power lessons and management functions are web-based. We do not install any software on the student or teacher computers, or on the servers in your school.  All lessons, assessments, school and student information is accessed via web browsers. After reading the descriptions below, download the corresponding desired files using the buttons to the left.

Operating Environments

This document describes the supported operating systems, browsers, and software applications. Download Operating Environments PDF using the button to the left!

Browser Settings

In order for the lessons and assessments to function properly the student and teacher browsers must be configured according to this document. Download Browser Settings PDF using the button to the left!