The implementation process for K to the 8th Power is easy and we do most of the work for you. We will upload your student and teacher information and create your school’s Kto8 database. All you do is provide the information to us in spreadsheet format. In addition we will conduct web training sessions for your key teachers and administrators.


Sound Test


The Kto8 lessons have an audio component. The audios are delivered in an .mp3 format. Some schools and districts block all .mp3 files on the network. If you click the button below and do not hear any audio after a few seconds (and your speakers or headphones are on) your network administrator needs to configure the firewall to allow .mp3 files from and before you will hear audio.

*Note: You may have to configure your browser to play mp3 files. Please check your browser settings and make sure that your audio player (Windows Media Player, Quicktime, etc.) is configured to play .mp3 files.

A music (.mp3) file should start playing momentarily. If it does not, you are probably on a computer or a network that has blocked the use of .mp3 files. As a result, you will not be able to hear audio while using the K to 8 Courseware until this setting has been changed.