The K to the 8th Power Technology Curriculum is easy to setup and administer.  In order to minimize the teacherís preparation time a complete set of lesson resources is provided for each lesson. The Kto8 Learning Management System provides a simple way for teachers to set up classrooms, assign lessons, and monitor student progress.


Simple Administration

Unique student login IDs provide access to all assigned lessons. With a supported browser (IE 6.0+ or Firefox on Windows, or Safari 3.0+ or Firefox on Mac) and an Internet connection, your students can take K to the 8th Power lessons from the computer lab, classroom, or home. Likewise teachers and administrators can access lessons, the Kto8 Learning Management System, management reporting, and the online grade book from anywhere. With our LMS teachers can assign one or many lessons to a student or many students in seconds!

Learning Management System

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The Teacher Management Area - The left side of this page is where the teacher creates a new classroom, assigns students to the class, assigns lessons to the students, and accesses the online grade book. The right side of this page provides the teacher with access to all of the lessons, lesson resources, and lesson overviews. The teacher previews and selects lessons to be assigned from this area.

The Class Grade Book

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This provides the teacher with summary and detail performance information for each student. At a glance the teacher can see how many lessons are assigned to each student, how many have been completed, the average score, and how many times each student has logged on.

Student Detail

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This shows a one line summary for each lesson completed by the student. The information includes the grade level of the student, the completion date, the number of questions on the assessment, the number answered correctly, the score, and a link to see the details of each assessment.

Student Assessment Summary

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This is a single report that shows each lesson completed by the student, the grade level of the lesson, the date the lesson was last completed, how many times the student took the lesson, the low, high, and average score, and the details of the last assessment for that lesson.