Our purpose is to help students develop key 21st Century Skills and master popular application software. Rather than present and teach computer concepts in isolation, the Kto8 lessons teach computer skills and apply them to core reading, writing, and math objectives. As a result, students gain meaningful reinforcement of key academic concepts while progressing toward technology literacy.


First Grade Objectives


The first grade academic objectives are listed below:

  • Demonstrate the ability to count by 2's, 5ís, and 10ís
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ordinal positioning of numbers (1st through 10th)
  • Solve basic problems related to simple fractions
  • Solve basic problems related to addition and subtraction through 10
  • Write story problems (basic addition and subtraction facts)
  • Recognize and count money - penny, nickel, dime, quarter
  • Recognize a picture or object showing more, less, greater than, less than
  • Sort and classify by color, size, shape
  • Create and extend patterns
  • Listen to a story and retell in logical order
  • Give and follow simple two-step directions
  • Recognize and say simple compound words
  • Recognize and repeat rhyming words, beginning consonants, and ending consonants
  • Understand basic word patterns
  • Write and illustrate sentences
  • Identify the main idea of a story
  • Use descriptive words about people, places and things
  • Begin sentences with a capital letter, end with correct punctuation
  • Correct spelling for frequently used words
  • Order letters of the alphabet
  • Make a personal dictionary of frequently used words
  • Identify number positioning - tens and ones
  • Recognize time - hour and half hour
  • Recognize calendar - days of the week, months
  • Addition of two-digit numbers - no regrouping
  • Subtraction of two-digit numbers - no regrouping