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For years, K to the 8th Power has helped students master today's most in-demand applications and skills so they can put those skills to use. Effective July 1, 2014*, K to the 8th Power courses and support will no longer be offered through Connections Learning. It's a decision that was not made lightly and we appreciate the schools and districts across the county who have partnered with us to improve learning outcomes.

The spirit of K to 8th Power's 21st Century Skills development will live on through Connections Learning by Pearson's educational technology courses for students from Kindergarten through Eighth grade. These courses build foundational skills while using software to draw, type, and format text, and create presentations to support academic skills. We ensure students become responsible users of technology as they learn about appropriate online behavior.

Please contact us today to plan your transition to Connections Learning by Pearson.

Connections Learning by Pearson, a division of Connections Education LLC, delivers a full range of targeted digital learning solutions to the K12 education community including online courses, a program for homebound students, a digital learning platform, and more. More than 300 schools, school districts, state departments of education and other educational institutions, serving tens of thousands of students throughout the United States and beyond, are already utilizing Connections Learning products and services.

*Subject to your contract